Tropical Ruby 2015 closed

You've reached this page because you are willing to submit a talk or workshop for Tropical Ruby 2015. The conference, formerly known as Abril Pro Ruby (AP.Rb), is the second most important event about Ruby in Brazil and a major conference in Latin America.

Tropical Ruby 2015 will happen on March 5–8 in Pernambuco, Brazil. In the first day, March 5th, we'll have workshops at Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. Then, we'll go to the Porto de Galinhas beach, where talks will take place in March 6th and 7th, along with fun activities such as scuba diving and buggy ride. The last day, March 8th, is reserved for activities in the beach.

There are two basic formats for a proposal: talks and workshops.


Talks are lecture-style presentations you usually see around in the conferences. We encourage you to plan for 30 minutes of presentation and the 10 minutes for questions. Feel free to submit as many proposals as you want.

The talk should directly help attendees or inspire/inform them about something they don't already know. Once you define the topic, define the structure of your presentation. The session should be more than "reading out loud" a blog post/documentation about "how to use a gem". The proposal should clearly state the core value the attendees get from the session.

Remember to use the tag talk when submitting the proposal. This way you can help us to differ them from workshops.


Workshops are hands on classes. Please mention any specific setup you expect the participants to have clearly in the proposal.

Workshop differ from talks in three key points:

  1. the public: workshops can have up to 25 attendees that may not be attending to the conference (though they usually do).

  2. the available time: plan for 4 hours workshop with 30 minutes of interval.

  3. the style: workshop are expected to be hands on classes. Participants will bring laptops and we’ll make some Macs available for them. You’ll be free to switch between lecture style and hands on, but it needs to be hands on for the most part of it.

Remember to use the tag workshop when submitting the proposal. This way you can help us to differ them from talks.

About the review process

CFP will be open until December 7th, but the review process will start as soon as we start to receive proposals. The committee will reach you for questions and feedback. Please reply promptly and consider adjustments when requested. We want to make sure your talk or workshop will be awesome.

Every proposal submission will be responded to, whether or not the talk/workshop is accepted. Contact us with questions on this if you have not heard back by December 22th.

To sum it up

  1. Talks are 30 minutes length and workshops 4 hours length.
  2. You are free to submit as many proposals as you want.
  3. Specify your proposal is a talk or workshop using tags (workshop or talk). If there is no tag, we'll assume your proposal is a talk.
  4. Supply as much information about you as possible. Links to blog posts, tutorials, other talks, twitter handle, everything can help you proposal to be accepted.
  5. Remember to state if you'll need travel assistance. Since our budget is limited, we cannot guarantee we'll able to cover your travel expenses, but we can explore other options.
  6. Approved speakers doesn't have to pay for the conference ticket. Since we'll open for registrations before finishing the review, you are free to buy your ticked and, if your proposal get selected, we'll refund you.
  7. You can do your talk and workshop in Portuguese or English (we'll have live translation for talks).

Anti-harassment policy

We require all selected talks to comply wholly with our Anti-Harassment Policy. If you have any questions about the suitability of your talk, or anything else in this CFP, you can email us at

CFP Stats

136 proposals